Calf trolleys and scales Archives - Haase Tränken

HAASE Calf Trolley KW 116
Article ID: 100.116
Short description
  • single-axle trolley for calf transportation
  • made of stainless steel
HAASE Calf Scale KW 1
Article ID: 100.100
Short description
  • stainless steel single-axle trolley for transportation of calves
  • with integrated balance arms
HAASE Calf Lift KL 117
Article ID: 100.117 KL
Short description
  • trolley for transportation of new-born calves
  • with height-adjustable tray
HAASE Transport Cart
Article ID: 100.104
Short description
  • for calves and other small animals
  • stainless steel cart
  • for gentle transportation
HAASE Weighing Platform
Article ID: 104.102
Short description
  • stainless steel weighing platform with Calf Scale 105.100
  • best used in combination with Transport Cart 100.104
Calf Scales KW 12
Article ID: 112.100
Short description
  • mobile calf scales for calves aged up to approx. 12 weeks
  • retractable lateral guide rails
Animal Weighing Platform 105 and 106
Article ID: 105.105 / 105.106
Short description
  • robust, powder-coated steel construction
  • anti-slip checker plate design
HAASE Calf Transport Box KTBfive
Article ID: 100.118
Short description
  • large stainless steel box for the transport of up to 5 newborn calves