with higher rear panel

HAASE ERW Drinkers with Raised Back Panels
Article ID: ERW-x
Short description
  • for cattle
  • stainless-steel drinking trough with a 250 mm raised back panel
  • upward-angled side panels offer additional protection
HAASE Drinking Trough Mod. 555.277
Article ID: 555.277
Short description
  • for calves, sheep, goats, cattle and horses, as well as alpacas and bison
  • for installation in concrete block pedestal
  • recessed back panel recessed
HAASE Drinking Trough Mod. 5214
Article ID: 100.5241
Short description
  • for cattle
  • all stainless steel
  • R ½” connection, increased back wall
HAASE Double Disinfection Bath Mod. 147
Article ID: 555.147
Short description
  • stainless steel disinfection bath
  • two separate basins
  • stainless-steel floor posts