Circulation Pump Unit (ZPS) Mod. Comfort

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  • circulation pump unit with integrated heating element
  • R 1″ water supplies
  • automatic pressure control valve

Circulation Pump Unit (ZPS) Mod. Comfort

The circulation pump unit with integrated heating element for 230 volt mains supply guarantees the steady flow rate of water inside the drinking unit. Up to a degree, the continual movement prevents the water in the pipe from freezing. The heating unit (output 3kW) is encased in a stainless steel cartouche which is washed all around by the circulating water.

The unit includes:

  • a robust circulation pump, protected against condensation water and ready for connection
  • for wall mounting (capacity, e.g. with R ½” pipelines, approx. 250 m; depending on the length of the water pipe, the pipe diameter and the number of drinkers, the installation of several pumps is recommended)
  • R 1″ water supplies at the unit
  • 3 kW heating unit incl. thermostat (continuously adjustable)
  • control lamp and overheating protection,
  • connection cable 1.50m
  • automatic pressure control valve, non-return valve and ventilating valve

Depending on the water quality, the heating element needs to be decalcified at intervals. The inside plastic lining markedly improves the pump’s corrosive properties.

Optional attachments: set of thermometers, flow indicator, gunmetal pump