Pasture pumps

Plastic Strainer 1″ and 1 ¼”
Article ID: 280.02x
Short description
  • reliable check valve / foot-actuated valve for pasture pumps of any type
  • take apart by unscrewing
Special Flexible Suction Pipe
Article ID: 280.025
Short description
  • for pasture pumps
  • especially UV resistant, food-safe
Diaphragm Pasture Pump L4
Article ID: 280.400
Short description
  • for horses, foals and calves
  • cast iron pasture pump
  • runs easier than the L3 pasture pump
Diaphragm Pasture Pump L3
Article ID: 280.300
Short description
  • for cows and horses
  • pasture pump
  • R ¾” connection, suction head 8 m
Heat-Insulated Hood for Pasture Pump
Article ID: 506.440
Short description
  • heat-insulated hood for pasture pumps
  • for use on a commercial concrete ring
Auxiliary Gas Heating
Article ID: 506.441
Short description
  • for warming the drinking bowl of the pasture pump underneath the heat-insulated hood
  • with safety valve